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Pringle Heraldry in other Armorials
An Alphabetical Dictionary of Coats of Arms
belonging to families in Great Britain and Ireland;
forming an extensive Ordinary of British Armorials.
by John Papworth. London, 1874.
Online here: [Vol. 1], [Vol. 2].
(Vol. 1)
Page 235:
Pringle, Torsonce, Teviotdale; and Burnhouse, Scotland: Arg. on a bend sa. three escallops or.
Page 272:
Pringle, Blindlee, Scotland: Arg. on a bend within a bordure az. three escallops or.
Page 483:
Pringle, Clifton, Co. Roxburgh; and The Haining, Co. Selkirk: Az. on a chev. arg. three escallops of the first.
(Vol. 2)
Page 681:
Pringle, London, Baronetcy 1766-82: Az. three escallops arg. and with a mullet for diff.
Pringle, Stitchel House, Co. Roxburgh; Baronetcy 1683: Az. three escallops or.
Page 682:
Pringle, Greenknow, Scotland: Az. three escallops within a bordure engr. or.
Page 1080:
Pringle, Whytbank, Co. Selkirk; a family historically eminent for centuries: Arg. on a saltire five escallops or.
A Display of Heraldry
By John Guillim
Page 243
Pringle of Stitchel; Azure, three Escallops Or. This Name (Mackenzie says) is corrupted from Pilgrim, their ancient Name, which they had from their Pilgrimages: He adds also, That this Coat they took to denote their devoted Undertakings. [See: Name Origin & Errors]
Page 248
Pringle of Gallowshiels; Argent, on a Saltire engrail’d Sable, five Escallops Or.
Pringle of Torwoodlie; Argent, on a Saltire engrail’d Azure, five Escallops of the First.
The Book of Family Crests [Elven’s Heraldry]
Online here: [Vol. 1], [Vol. 2].
Page 385:
Pringle [of Stitchill], Bart., Sco.:
Crest: A saltier within a garland of bay-leaves, ppr.
Motto: Coronat fides.
Pringle of Stitchill crest
Pringle [of Greenknowe], Sco.:
Crest: An anchor, (within a garland of bay-leaves, ppr.)
Motto: Semper spero meliora.
Pringle of Greenknowe crest
Pringle [of Whytbank], Sco.:
Crest: A man’s heart, ppr., winged, or.
Motto: Sursum.
Pringle of Whytbank crest
Pringle [of Torwoodlee], Sco.:
Crest: A serpent nowed, ppr.
Motto: Nosce Teipsum.
Pringle of Torwoodlee crest
Pringle [of Clifton], Sco.:
Crest: An escallop, between two branches of palm in orle.
Motto: Prompte et consel.
Pringle of Clifton crest
Pringle [of that ilk and Torsonce], Sco.:
Crest: An escallop, or.
Motto: Amicitia Reddit Honores.
Pringle of Torsonce crest
Page 549:
Pringle, of Clifton and Haining, Sco.:
1. -
Crest: An escallop, ar., between two palm branches, vert.
Motto: Spero et progredior.
Pringle of Clifton crest
2. -
Crest: A saltire, sa., charged in the centre with an escallop, az.
Motto: Virtutis praemium.
Pringle of Haining crest
A Hand-book of Mottoes
borne by the Nobility, Gentry, Cities, Public Companies, &c.
translated and illustrated with notes and quotations
by C. N. Elvin, M.A.
originally published 1860, reprinted 1963
Page 137:
Nosce teipsum = Know thyself - Pringle
Page 180:
Semper spero meliora = I constantly hope for better things - Pringle
Page 189:
Spero et progredior = I hope and proceed - Pringle of Clifton
Page 195:
Sursum = Upwards - Pringle
Page 34:
Coronat fides = Faith crowns all - Pringle, bt.

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