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Pringle Heraldry in other Armorials
An Alphabetical Dictionary of Coats of Arms
belonging to families in Great Britain and Ireland;
forming an extensive Ordinary of British Armorials.
by John Papworth. London, 1874.
Online here: [Vol. 1], [Vol. 2].
(Vol. 1)
Page 235:
Pringle, Torsonce, Teviotdale; and Burnhouse, Scotland: Arg. on a bend sa. three escallops or.
Page 272:
Pringle, Blindlee, Scotland: Arg. on a bend within a bordure az. three escallops or.
Page 483:
Pringle, Clifton, Co. Roxburgh; and The Haining, Co. Selkirk: Az. on a chev. arg. three escallops of the first.
(Vol. 2)
Page 681:
Pringle, London, Baronetcy 1766-82: Az. three escallops arg. and with a mullet for diff.
Pringle, Stitchel House, Co. Roxburgh; Baronetcy 1683: Az. three escallops or.
Page 682:
Pringle, Greenknow, Scotland: Az. three escallops within a bordure engr. or.
Page 1080:
Pringle, Whytbank, Co. Selkirk; a family historically eminent for centuries: Arg. on a saltire engr.sa. five escallops or.

A Display of Heraldry
By John Guillim
Page 243
Pringle of Stitchel; Azure, three Escallops Or. This Name (Mackenzie says) is corrupted from Pilgrim, their ancient Name, which they had from their Pilgrimages: He adds also, That this Coat they took to denote their devoted Undertakings. [See: Name Origin & Errors]
Page 248
Pringle of Gallowshiels; Argent, on a Saltire engrail’d Sable, five Escallops Or.
Pringle of Torwoodlie; Argent, on a Saltire engrail’d Azure, five Escallops of the First.

The Book of Family Crests [Elven’s Heraldry]
Online here: [Vol. 1], [Vol. 2].
Page 385:
Pringle [of Stitchill], Bart., Sco.:
Crest: A saltier within a garland of bay-leaves, ppr.
Motto: Coronat fides.
Pringle of Stitchill crest
Pringle [of Greenknowe], Sco.:
Crest: An anchor, (within a garland of bay-leaves, ppr.)
Motto: Semper spero meliora.
Pringle of Greenknowe crest
Pringle [of Whytbank], Sco.:
Crest: A man’s heart, ppr., winged, or.
Motto: Sursum.
Pringle of Whytbank crest
Pringle [of Torwoodlee], Sco.:
Crest: A serpent nowed, ppr.
Motto: Nosce Teipsum.
Pringle of Torwoodlee crest
Pringle [of Clifton], Sco.:
Crest: An escallop, between two branches of palm in orle.
Motto: Prompte et consel.
Pringle of Clifton crest
Pringle [of that ilk and Torsonce], Sco.:
Crest: An escallop, or.
Motto: Amicitia Reddit Honores.
Pringle of Torsonce crest
Page 549:
Pringle, of Clifton and Haining, Sco.:
1. -
Crest: An escallop, ar., between two palm branches, vert.
Motto: Spero et progredior.
Pringle of Clifton crest
2. -
Crest: A saltire, sa., charged in the centre with an escallop, az.
Motto: Virtutis praemium.
Pringle of Haining crest

A Hand-book of Mottoes
borne by the Nobility, Gentry, Cities, Public Companies, &c.
translated and illustrated with notes and quotations
by C. N. Elvin, M.A.
originally published 1860, reprinted 1963
Page 137:
Nosce teipsum = Know thyself - Pringle
Page 180:
Semper spero meliora = I constantly hope for better things - Pringle
Page 189:
Spero et progredior = I hope and proceed - Pringle of Clifton
Page 195:
Sursum = Upwards - Pringle
Page 34:
Coronat fides = Faith crowns all - Pringle, bt.

Fairbairn's Book of Crests
of the Families of Great Britain and Ireland
By James Fairbairn
Volume 1
Volume 2

Page 457

Pringle [of Stitchill], Sir Norman Robert, Bart., a saltier within a garland of bay-leaves ppr. Coronat fides (Fidelity crowns). - Amicitia reddit honores (Friendship gives honours).

Pringle of Crichton, a saltire arg. Spero et progredior (I hope and advance).

Pringle [of that ilk and Torsonse], an escallop or. Amicitia reddit honores (Friendship gives honours). Plate 141.12


Pringle of Clifton, Roxburghsh., an escallop between two palm-branches in orle. Spero et progredior (I hope and advance). Plate 141.4


Pringle [of Clifton], Scotland, an escallop between two branches of palm in orle. Prompte et consel (Quickly and advisedly). Plate 141.4

Pringle of Haining, Selkirksh., an escallop half opened, an therein a pearl ppr. Praemium virtutis (The reward of virtue).

Pringle of Caledon, co. Tyrone, Ireland, an escallop erminois. Amicitia reddit honores (Friendship gives honours). Plate 141.14


Pringle, James Lewis, of Torwoodle, Selkirksh., Scotland, a serpent nowed ppr. Nosce toipsum (Know thyself). Plate 142.4


Pringle of Whytbank and Yair, Selkirksh., Scotland, a man’s heart ppr., winged or. Sursum (Upward). Plate 112.10


Pringle, Alexander, Junior United Service Club, same crest and motto.

Pringle of Greenknowe, Scotland, an anchor within a garland of bay-leaves ppr. Semper spero meliora (I always hope for better things). Plate 161.10



containing the crests and mottos of the families of
Great Britain and Ireland
By Alexander Deuchar
Edinburgh, 1817.
Volume 1
Volume 2
Volume 1, page 232:
Pringle of Clifton, an escalop shell between two palm branches orleways. Spero et progredior. Pl. 77, cr. 9.
77 9 - Copy
Pringle of Whitebank, a man’s heart, winged, proper. Sursum. Pl. 36, cr, 10.
36 10 - Copy
Pringle of Torwood[lee], a serpent nowed, proper. Nosce te ipsum. Pl. 33, cr. 1.
33 1 - Copy
Pringle of Hop-Pringle, a flying heart proper. Sursum. Pl. 36, cr. 10.
Pringle of Torsonce, Teviotdale, an escalop, or. Amicitia reddit honores. Pl. 13, cr. 8.
13 8 - Copy
Pringle, Eng. the same crest and motto.

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