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Pringle of Trinlyknowe

Trinlyknowe, also known as the West stead of Windydoors, lays next to Laidlawstiel, south of Newhall on the Caddon Water. Trinlyknowe is a place name meaning: Trin = possibly means three;  Ly = possibly from ‘Lee’ = shade, shelter; Knowe = a knoll or rounded hillock.

Their lineage according to the chapter Trinlyknowe from Alex Pringle’s book ‘The Records of the Pringles of the Scottish Border’:

  1. Alexander Hoppringill, first of Trinlyknowe (son of James Hoppringill of Smailholm, Ranger of the Ward of Tweed).
  2. Roger Hoppringill of Trinlyknowe (killed at the battle of Flodden in 1513).
  3. Alexander (2) Hoppringill of Trinlyknowe
    1. John Hoppringill, who predeceased him.
    2. Thomas Hoppringill, his heir.
    3. William Hoppringill
    4. David Hoppringill
  4. Thomas Hoppringill of Trinlyknowe
    • Alexander Hoppringill, his heir
    • George Hoppringill
    • Thomas Hoppringill
  5. Alexander (3) Pringill of Trinlyknowe
  6. Robert Pringill of Chapelhill











Pringle of Chapelhill

Chapelhill, north of Peebles.

The farmhouse is a much altered 16th century tower of the Pringles. It is also a very nice B&B.

See page 248 of the book ‘Records of the Pringles’.






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