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Pringle of Wrangholm

The Pringles of Wrangholm were probably a cadet branch of the Pringles of that ilk, and not of Smailholm, but this has not been proved yet. It is unknown why Robert receive a sasine to Wrangholm in 1459 and succeeded George as master ranger of the Tweed ward in 1460.

Note by James B Pringle:

Robert of Wrangholm

The Index in Libros Responsionum (page 667) shows that  Roberti Pringill obtained sasine to the lands of Wrangham, Smalhame in 1459. The actual document has been confirmed lost. But it is clear that Robert  obtained sasine to Wrangholm only (which was within the barony of Smailholm). Parts of east Smailholm had already be granted to Cranston and Ker of Cessford (1404) and the majority of the west of the barony had been given to Robert Pringill, Douglas squire, in November 1408.

I believe that the above Robert (master ranger) was the son and heir of Alexander, Douglas squire, who was last recorded as a juror in 1456. Robert could not have been the son of George, Douglas squire, as he was still alive and was still master ranger in 1460-1. George was attainted in 1460-1 and his son (I believe) Thomas resigned his (father’s) Philiphaugh lands shortly afterwards. 


The lineage of the Pringles of Wrangholm:

  1. Robert Pringill, Master Ranger of the Ward of Tweed - got sasine of Wrangholm in 1459.
  2. Thomas Hoppringill
  3. Thomas (2) Hoppringill of Wrangholm
  4. George (1) Hoppringill of Wrangholm
  5. John Hoppringill of Wrangholm (his brother)
  6. Thomas (3) Hoppringill of Wrangholm
  7. George (2) Pringill de Wrangholm - last of Wrangholm
  8. John Pringill, minister of Eglingham, Northumberland. In 1551 got a sasine of Boyd’s lands in Smailholm.
  9. Thomas Pringill of Boyd’s lands in Smailholm
  10. Alexander Pringill of Boyd’s lands in Smailholm


This map shows the location of Wrangholm:



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